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Thread: Problems!!!! from a newbie

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    Default Problems!!!! from a newbie

    Hi all,

    My names Arthur and I am both new to the forum and very new to the world of camcorders.

    I have just purchased a new Panasonic HDC-HS60 and already my head is busting with questions

    Today was the first time I have ventured out into the sun lit snow covered countryside. When I switched on the camcorder I was amazed to find that I could see very little through the LCD display and was unable to video what I wanted. Is there some secret to filming in these conditions?????

    As the Camcorder is full HD I purchased an HDMI cable, I have tried this on my TV with the TV on the required HDMI channel and get nothing. I have plugged it in using the AV supplied cable and that is fine. Any Ideas please.

    Next (sorry) how would I go about sending a clip by email? AS it stands, I have tried it in both AVCHD and I converted a file to MPEG2 but it would not let me drag and drop either into an email. Help please.

    Many thanks
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    Hi Paulears

    Many thanks for your reply.

    I have tried your advice using the DC cable instead of the battery, but still no luck so I am trying to borrow an HDMI cable before I start to think it's the camera.

    After your advice about the LDC vewer, I had a good scout around U-tube and found quite a few home made covers, I am glad I am not the only one.

    Thanks again


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