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Thread: Sony Vegas Error

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    Default Sony Vegas Error

    I keep getting this sony vegas error. The video footage on the timeline is red and unable to watch.

    Does anyone know what this error means?

    Sony Vegas 7.0
    Version 7.0e (Build 216)
    Exception 0xC0000005 (access violation) READ:0x6C6E7571 IP:0x77701B21
    In Module 'ntdll.dll' at Address 0x776C0000 + 0x41B21
    Thread: VideoCache ID=0x14E8 Stack=0x55AF000-0x55B0000
    EAX=786f6b6f CS=001b EIP=77701b21 EFLGS=00210202
    EBX=00000000 SS=0023 ESP=055af170 EBP=055af174
    ECX=6c6e756d DS=0023 ESI=963fddb3 FS=003b
    EDX=7dbf1200 ES=0023 EDI=7e27db84 GS=0000
    Bytes at CS:EIP:
    77701B21: 3B 71 04 0F 85 D0 08 04 ;q......
    77701B29: 00 3B F2 0F 85 C8 08 04 .;......
    Stack Dump:
    055AF170: 7DBF11F8 7D3F0000 + 8011F8
    055AF174: 055AF1B4 054B0000 + FF1B4
    055AF178: 77701BC3 776C0000 + 41BC3 (ntdll.dll)
    055AF17C: 7DBF1200 7D3F0000 + 801200
    055AF180: 72640579 724A0000 + 1A0579
    055AF184: 769AAE8D 76960000 + 4AE8D (kernel32.dll)
    055AF188: 7E27AA68 7D3F0000 + E8AA68
    055AF18C: 769AA6B4 76960000 + 4A6B4 (kernel32.dll)
    055AF190: 00000000
    055AF194: 7DBF11F8 7D3F0000 + 8011F8
    055AF198: C0000008
    055AF19C: 00000006
    055AF1A0: 055AED88 054B0000 + FED88
    055AF1A4: 055AFF78 054B0000 + FFF78
    055AF1A8: 776C99FA 776C0000 + 99FA (ntdll.dll)
    055AF1AC: 004FB2E5 00400000 + FB2E5 (vegas70.exe)
    > 055AF1B8: 5F848710 5F810000 + 38710 (wmvdecod.dll)
    > 055AF1CC: 5F839214 5F810000 + 29214 (wmvdecod.dll)
    > 055AF1DC: 5F827F63 5F810000 + 17F63 (wmvdecod.dll)
    > 055AF1EC: 5F829635 5F810000 + 19635 (wmvdecod.dll)
    > 055AF20C: 5F8296DE 5F810000 + 196DE (wmvdecod.dll)
    > 055AF218: 5F81B7C4 5F810000 + B7C4 (wmvdecod.dll)
    > 055AF23C: 5F821413 5F810000 + 11413 (wmvdecod.dll)
    > 055AF254: 007E8000 00400000 + 3E8000 (vegas70.exe)
    055AF258: 13117EE0 13060000 + B7EE0
    055AF25C: 00000005
    055AF260: 00000000
    055AF264: 00000000
    > 055AF268: 6A283418 6A270000 + 13418 (WMVCore.DLL)
    > 055AF26C: 769A9A6A 76960000 + 49A6A (kernel32.dll)
    > 055AF2BC: 719B3800 713B0000 + 603800 (icudt40.dll)
    > 055AF2CC: 719B3800 713B0000 + 603800 (icudt40.dll)
    > 055AF348: 6A318A99 6A270000 + A8A99 (WMVCore.DLL)
    > 055AF384: 7633B989 76330000 + B989 (msvcrt.dll)
    > 055AF390: 6A27928C 6A270000 + 928C (WMVCore.DLL)
    > 055AF3A0: 6A29AB64 6A270000 + 2AB64 (WMVCore.DLL)
    > 055AF3AC: 6A27928C 6A270000 + 928C (WMVCore.DLL)
    > 055AF3BC: 6A458F60 6A270000 + 1E8F60 (WMVCore.DLL)
    > 055AF3CC: 6A318104 6A270000 + A8104 (WMVCore.DLL)
    > 055AF3EC: 6A318111 6A270000 + A8111 (WMVCore.DLL)
    > 055AF3F0: 004D0057 00400000 + D0057 (vegas70.exe)
    055AF3F4: 00330056 00300000 + 30056
    055AF3F8: 1D640000 1D5F0000 + 50000
    055AF3FC: C3A03664
    055AF400: 055AF668 054B0000 + FF668
    > 055AF404: 6A318215 6A270000 + A8215 (WMVCore.DLL)
    > 055AF414: 6A31826B 6A270000 + A826B (WMVCore.DLL)
    > 055AF420: 63646976 631A0000 + 4A6976 (QuickTime.qts)
    > 055AF434: 00630000 00400000 + 230000 (vegas70.exe)
    055AF438: 00000000
    > 055AF43C: 006F0000 00400000 + 2F0000 (vegas70.exe)
    > 055AF440: 0079006E 00400000 + 39006E (vegas70.exe)
    - - -
    055AFFF0: 00000000
    055AFFF4: 0058C450 00400000 + 18C450 (vegas70.exe)
    055AFFF8: 00A824CC 00400000 + 6824CC (vegas70.exe)
    055AFFFC: 00000000

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    You've placed something on the timeline that's making it choke. What's on it? And does your project settings reflect your content?

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    The video files I am using have already been rendered to 720. They were rendered through the Grand Theft Auto IV video editor feature that came with the PC version of the game.

    I have matched the media settings too.

    The clips at the beginning of the timeline are fine, then as I move down the timeline on Vegas the clips are red and Vgas crashes!

    This has been ongoing for nearly a week now and I have tried everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TWIY View Post
    They were rendered through the Grand Theft Auto IV video editor feature that came with the PC version of the game.

    I have matched the media
    I have no idea what you are getting out from that rendering source. Do you?

    How did you match the project settings?

    Are the RED clips coming from this render process?

    There is something flaky for Vega coming from the rendering.

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    I know the the footage gets rendered to 720p WMV from the GTA IV video editor. This is the footage I am trying to edit in Vegas.

    To match settings in Vegas I go to, File, properties, click yellow folder that says 'Match Media Setting' I then click the video footage I am using.

    Once the clips are imported on the timeline, some of them are red and vegas crashes.

    My last option is to convert the files?

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    Use G-spot to analyse the rendered output. There has to be a flag in the rendered output that is not being correctly read by Vegas.

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    Eh? How BIG are these files: TIME:FILESIZE?

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    Hi Grazie.

    The files are only about 40mb, frame width is 1280, frame height is 720 and they are only about 40 seconds long.

    I have used G Spot as you suggested here are my results:

    Imageshack - picbcb.jpg

    I did try putting the files into Virtual Dub to convert but was told ASF files are not supported.

    Can you see what the problem is?
    Last edited by TWIY; 12-22-2010 at 11:01 AM.

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    In G-Spot its saying that the CODEC Status is Undetermined. Could mean anything but what it isn't saying is that there IS or ISN'T a CODEC. Plus what you just got from VDUB that the ASF is not supported.

    Well, two s/w packages are telling no go. What can I say? However one can import ASF (audio) in Vegas. Eh? What version of WMP are you currently using? Did you say you CAN play these files in your current WMP?

    Odd . . . . .

    . . . .

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    I am running the latest WMP and can play them in there.

    I have converted the files and imported them into Vegas and the red screens arnt appearing anymore.

    The problem must have come from the GTA IV Video Editor rendering process... as I have never had this problem with other videos before.

    I will just keep converting the files as it seems to have done the trick.

    Thanks for taking the time to help me!

    Best wishes

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