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    Can you help? I have had a hobby of video editing my old 8mm camcorder tapes to Dvd. As this started as a hobby I decided to buy the best gear available at the time( going back a few years now)
    Friends and family have asked me to transfer there tapes
    what should I charge.

    The 2nd part is I want to open a small pc shop and offer 1 to 1 training on how to transfer VIDEO TO DVD'S.
    Do you think it would be worth offering this sort of service as part of my business.
    thanks for your comments

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    To answer your first question, if they're friends and family it's difficult as they will no doubt think they're providing you with a leisure activity and therefore not expect to pay. If you want to put it on a more professional basis to them, simply work out how much time you'll spend and what you think is a sensible amount per hour. Ask yourself, what is your time worth? How much do you need to "earn" in order to sacrifice that hir doing something elase.

    As for your second question. whilst I suspect there is a small and diminishing market (most people who really care about their old films will have already had it digitised), the sort of person who would want to do it themselves is the sort of person who has the wherewithal to research how to do it on the internet, but I can't see any harm in offering it as a service.

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    Don't forget your actual costs as well as your time. When you run a business you have to think about depreciation of your equipment. This means working out the cost of replacing the equipment at the end of it's life divided by the expected life span. Electricity, Consumables like disks, ink, paper, disk holders, postage, etc....

    As for your second point, another string to your bow is always good but I don't see it being a big earner for you.


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