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Thread: Rendering Time Vegas 10 vs Final Cut 4

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    Default Rendering Time Vegas 10 vs Final Cut 4

    I have been playing with a Trial version of Vegas 10. I make about 300 DVD's per season of hockey games for my three grandsons and their teammates. 40 games X 2 games per DVD X 15 players per team. I have been doing it on a stand alone Sony DVD burner using an SD Sony camera with MiniDV tape. I have been editing camera to camera. But have decided to switch to hyper drive and bought a Sony HDR-CX550V to film the games. I have edited one game in old SD from mini-DV tpae on Vegas 10 and it takes 90 minutes to render a 60 minute video with titles and a few text overlays. One of the parents is telling me that the only way to go is Final Cut 4 on a Mac. I did some research and came to conclusion that they both do the same thing it is just what you prefer Mac vs. PC. So based on that I ordered the software. But when I talked to this guy yesterday he called his Mac person who said they just rendered a 30 minute video on FC4 in 5 minutes. I find this hard to believe but after reading everything on this topic in this website, I realize that CPU is the big determining factor. I have a Intel Core Duo 1.83 Ghz w/ 4GB RAM. Does anyone know if a comparable Mac using Final Cut 4 would render a 60 minute DVD significantly faster?? My girlfriend has a Mac and if I can download a trial version of FC4 on it I will probably run that experiment. But I thought I would throw this out to you experts to get your thoughts, opinions, even data if you have it.
    Another issue is that even in SD the rendered video is about 35% bigger file size limiting me to one 60 minute game per DVD versus the two I am getting now. A 60 minute video is taking up about 62% of a 4.7 GB DVD. Is this typical or are their ways to compress this so I can still get two hours of video on aDVD?? Thanks.

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    Vegas relies on the processor speed, so a Quad core is better, it can also use the video card (if compatible)
    How many effects you have on the Time Line will also effect the renduring duration.

    With the $core I could render a 2 hour video (Min DV tape) in about an hour, if I just wnated to go back to tape then the smart render would kick in and it may only ake 20 minutes to have it ready to print to tape. It also depends on how good the render engine is as well.

    If you stick the rendered MPEG file back on the time line for any corrections then it only takes about 15 minutes fo rthe 2 hour video to smart render again.

    you could always edit it on one machine while another machine renders or leave it overnight, dont forget Vegas has scripting so you can batch render stuff while you sleep,

    Now I use Mp4 it takes about 3 hours for the 2 hour render,

    See what you prefer and what you need, if your work is not complicated then both bits of software are probally over compliacted and might be best to go for the budget versions.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I probably used the wrong descriptors. I bought the Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Production Suite for $80 from B & H so this is definitely the budget version - but that is what the free trial software was and it is OK for me. I have used Windows Movie Maker extensively and it looks very similar. I think what you have also told me is that my render times are going to go up significantly when I am rendering AVCHD to burn on DVD. Since posting this I have read some reviews on the website. When working with HD files people are complaining that the FC4 is too slow and they are having to go back to PC based Sony Vegas - so I'm thinking that tells me that FC4 by itself is slower than Sony Vegas. I just checked and my girlfriends Mac laptop has their basic iMovie and iDVD so I will run some camparison studies on that and see what I get.

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