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Thread: Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7

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    Default Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7

    I just recently got Windows 7 an dont like the new movie maker when trying to capture footage. Iv always just liked the start an stop capture on the old movie makers. Iv done some research and it says Movie Maker 2.1 an 2.6 work on Windows 7. 2.6 did work but doesnt have the capture feature and iv downloaded 2.1 an it doesnt let me install.
    Anyway of getting the old movie makers to work on Windows 7 ?

    Thanks, Laurie.

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    If I was you I'd just get use to the new version of Movie Maker. At least it works as it should. If you start installing old software over the top of the new version you could do more harm than good.

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    I know what you mean with the old software thing definatly. Usualy once I play with something for a bit I get used to it an pick it up quick but not this movie maker. Iv looked everywhere on how to get it working on Windows 7 an I just cant find a way. I was having out of sync prolbems with the Windows Media Player on Windows 7 too but didnt have to download older versions just simply got a "classic" version and can use both which is good. Hoping theres a way I can get the old movie maker working. Anyone know ?

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    Default way to get the old movie maker working on win 7. Its just not going to work.

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