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    Hello Guys,

    Im looking for an Editor that can edit some Stuffs for me.
    What exactly and how etc, i gonna explain later.

    Introduction Video.
    Exiting of a Video.
    and some smal Jobs.

    Im ready to pay a fair/decent budget, and later if it turns out to something big, of course i could push the budget up.
    Right now i want to find someone that i can look his Work at.

    Send me some stuff where i can see your Skills.Thanks!
    Please send an message to me.

    sorry for my bad english

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    Hi there,
    I've sent you a private message regarding this. Look forward to hearing from you,

    Martin Chapman

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    Hi Aslan,

    I am interested in helping with your project. If you would like to see some of my work then please visit one of the following links.!/pages/Dave-Wilson-Productions/143833442301968

    Dave Wilson Productions on Myspace Films - New Films & Documentaries

    YouTube - dwilsonproductions's Channel

    Give me a message if you would like to chat about your project. Cheers, all the best.

    Dave Wilson

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    Hello Aslan,

    Check out the films I have edited on my website here:
    British Eye Films | All Films

    I would be interested in helping you out.

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    You've probably found someone to help you by now but I thought I'd reply just in case, because I'd be really interested in working with you out on this.

    You can find my showreel here:

    I will be uploading some short films I've worked on to my vimeo channel soon, my harddrive was damaged so I'm in the process of getting new copies.

    I have a youtube channel for more personal, little things which you are welcome to look at here: YouTube - OhYeahTavia's Channel but these have not had as much time spent on them as my professional stuff


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