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Thread: Montage "Super Spy Adventure"

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    Wink Montage "Super Spy Adventure"


    Well, we created a montage video from several existing clips and movies.
    The result is this video.
    This is the scene where a helicopter picks up the hero's in the middle of the wildernis to bring them back to the city.

    Our concept:

    To create a little story which will take you to places you have never been before.
    In action/adventure movies the hero's cross the countries in impossible ways and you see some extraordinairy scenery.
    On the other hand you have the documentaries that show you the amazing beauty of the earth.
    We tried to find a balance in this. In the first case you hardly pay attention to it, the second doesn't generate as much audience as the first.
    We spend quite a lot of time building the concept but since we are students there is still a lot to learn

    I curious what you think about it.

    My question:
    And i also have a specific question. Our idea was to use the green screen. What you see here is a moving story board.
    Which one do you like better?

    The moving storyboard:

    Or the one without characters:


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    Not sure what to make of this. You take other peoples footage put some foley over it ? Why ? It serves no perpose to me. May be I'm missing something.

    Sorry guys this a fail for me.

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