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    Default Me And My .....

    me and my vw camper .....

    it features my mate darren talking about his VW camper van.

    this is the first in hopefully a long series of short documentary style clips with the theme of me and my .....

    Initially i wanted to keep this to around 2 minuets but you know how it goes

    it contains three first for me

    my first time using j cuts
    my first time using an external mic
    first session with a new camera

    as a result the session was a bit of a wrestle to say the least.

    i was going to re record but doubt i would have re captured the natural feel of the piece.

    this is the first cut so i'm open to constructive criticism but please dont say re record the whole thing

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    Brilliant video. Its something I want to do, your mate seems a pretty cool guy.

    Would have liked to see a little more of the outside of the van, maybe in part 2 eh?

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    That was a great little video. What a character - really pulled me in. I think you were absolutely right not to re-record.
    Don't get too worried about the sound - so long as it's not so bad that it's off putting, when the content is as engaging as this, it doesn't matter.
    This was really nicely put together - a good mix of live interview, informative shots and just artisting illustrative shots.

    My only negative would be the rather strange composition of the shots of Darren talking to the camera. His head is rather small in the frame - which I'd take as a positive in this instance as it sort of implies he's in the supporting role with the camper taking the lead - but it is bang in the middle of the shot. There's too much headroom and it would be more normal to shift him to the left r right of the frame (checkout the rule of thirds)

    Very brave opening: the same shot held for ages with nothing happening. But it was absolutely perfect for setting the scene and pace.

    A big thumbs up from me and a definite candidate for VOTM. The concept of "Me and my..." has many possibilities and I look forward to seeing more in the series.

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    Fabulous, This is documentary film making as it should be done. Get a "bit of a character" get him to talk about what he loves, equals winning formula. If the rest of the series is as good as this I see TV calling at your door. I've always wanted to do this kind of thing.

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    thanks for the kind words fellas

    seemingly the docu has been well received on the VW forum Daz frequents. there are a number of issues I'm not happy with... some cannot be corrected in PP so Ive decided to leave it as it is and use the experience as part of the learning curve.

    Yes, darren is most definitely a "character" and a genuinely nice guy. incidentally hes also my anchor man for another project in the pipeline.

    here he is describing his new GPS in an out take form the me and my VW camper van docu .....

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    I think you need to be a little less self critical. This is a brilliant piece. You have captured the essence of a unique being, that is no small feat.

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    cheersMB. im more than happy with darrens performance, its my own technical ineptitude i'm moaning about

    anyway its put to bed now

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    I liked it. I could probably think of ways to do some things different, but why mess with success?

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    I agree with the others, this is a great little video. Well put together and an interesting subject.

    I'm not crazy about the font colour-combination/font itself in the titles but that's just a minor gripe. Great job!


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