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    Hey guys, I am trying to edit a montage for Black Ops. At the moment I don't have a working Dazzle, so I have recorded by using "render clip" and sending the clips straight to my youtube channel, then I set them as unlisted so only people with a link to the video can see it. I was wondering what the best way to get the youtube video in highest quality is, because I tried one method and even when I was done color correcting and things it looked worse quality than the youtube video.

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    Hi mate.
    So I don't sound like an idiot is this a PC or console version?
    I don't own the game, however I am aware many console based mods now have the upload function.

    ok.. so ... jumping th the conclusion that it's console.
    1} the recorder more than not shall record in either 720p or a lowe 480p . correct me if I'm wrong.
    2} As with any correction... as soon as you tittle tattle even a little the quality shall be reduced as you are in gist amending the original.

    Is it not possible to record from your ps3 / xbox to your pc / mac , edit on them and then upload?



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    Ok since you didn't explain much I will try to give you all the options.

    1st--- I want to know if you could download your video from youtube to your computer. If you can, then if you have a Mac you could edit it on iMovie. And then you can export it directly to youtube in 720p (only if you have iMovie 09' of 08')

    2nd--- If you have a Pc and you could get it off youtube and onto your computer then (I am sure that all Pc's have Movie Maker or Movie Maker live) and if that you could edit it as you please... other than some special effects. But, putting the video back on youtube would be a little more tricky, you would have to go directly to and then click upload.

    3rd--- This is the simplest of all, if you have a form to upload it directly to your computer then you can just import it directly to you favorite video editor.

    Thats all I can think of...

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    Oh, one more thing go to this link if you want download you video from youtube to you computer in mp4 format or whatever format you want...

    YouTube to MP3 - Convert YouTube videos to MP3

    be sure to click "convert to other formats"

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    Sorry mate...

    That makes no sense at all...

    1st Question: Are you uploading the original clips from your PC or from your console?
    2nd Question: The files are present on youtube and you are downloading them to your pc / mac... editing them together and uploading them back to youtube?

    3rd Question: What format / specs are the original un-edited files being uploaded to youtube in? Youtube gives you the option to download the media in .mp4 format.
    This can be edited by most software to the best of my knowlege.

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    1) I suggest recording with xFire once you know how to use it you can change the settings to film in 1080p, i'd also suggest creating a folder or getting a memory stick to put all the clips on instead of uploading and downloading it generally loses some of the qaulity of the video.

    2) When you make a blackops montage make sure to post it on gaming forums, i've done so with my battlefield heroes videos and look what i've been able to do with 1 of my channels: YouTube - BFHLegends's Channel

    Charlie, Vertigo Productions

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