Hi there,
I'm new to this forum and at my wits end so really hoping someone can help me!

I have a 1280  720 quicktime file which I need to get onto mini DV tape. I have put the file in the FCP timeline, gone to File > Print to tape and selected my options, but whilst it plays on my Macbook Pro the screen on my Canon XL2 is blue. The timecode counts up, but nothing is recorded.

I have searched the forums and seen that I have to Refresh AV Devices and External Video> All Frames, but this didn't make any difference for me.

I am using FCP 7 on a Macbook Pro with a Canon XL2 attached through firewire. It is registering in log and capture. My camera is in VCR mode. I see there's an option to turn AV>DV on, but this also makes no difference.

I'm supposed to be getting this done tonight so any help greatly received!

Many thanks,