Hey all,

I have an interesting issue here. Screen captures below.

When I view my current project in the preview window, it displays fine as you can see from the first one.

In the second, while rendering, it renders with the top/bottom black areas. What happens is when I have the "flash" transition the WHOLE screen flashes white, not just the area where the video is displayed. :(

What could possibly be causing this? All the events have their property set to "maintain aspect ration".

Why is the Flash flashing everything (including the black areas), and how come the black areas aren't shown in the preview window pane?


Here are the screen captures - the left showing the black areas as it renders; the right showing the preview I see before rendering. With the one on the left, when Vegas gets to the "flash" transition, the whole video area (including the black areas) flash white! Whereas in the preview windows on the right all I see flash white is just what you see: