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Thread: A little help on my project?

  1. Default A little help on my project?

    Hi guys! It is nice to be able to be here with you guys, first of all I am a total newbie or fresh in movie making or scriptwriting. I would like to make a commercial trailer about my company's services and products but I just can't get things started.

    I would like to get some guidance and also some tutorials to help me start off. I have something in my mind which was to make the trailer or short-film to be having a heavy impact on viewer's mind. Something that could attract them and so on.

    I know I am asking too much but I just have no idea where should I start off first.

    Thank you for all of your help !

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    The advice I give will depend on the extra info you can give me, are you looking to shoot and edit this yourself?

    If so what equipment are you using?

    What's your budget?

    Are you up against any particular time constraints?

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    yes I am going to shoot it myself and edit it myself. Hmm... Currently I do own a camcorder which I have no idea what's the brand, got it brand new cost me like a thousand or two. A DSLR camera from nikon. Well that's all :p my budget? hmm hoping that I would not go over than 100? There's no time constraint, I can take as long as I want because this is not being asked from anyone, it's all for my personal interest and volunteer :p


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    OK, first of all you're going to need a lot of practice, you want to get a trailer video for your business, but you're going to have to start on some simple ideas and concepts first.

    A DSLR is actually quite tricky to use as a video camera, it will have no image stabilisation function and even if it does, it won't be that good. What that means is taking nice steady images is going to be a challenge, even if you get the shoulder mount.

    Secondly you're going to have to learn to use the lens you have and any others you might have acquired along the way.

    Also there is the sound issue, I'm not sure of that brand, does it have XLR jacks? (microphone sockets), I know there is an issue with the Cannon if you shoot for more than 13 minutes your sound goes out of sync, there is a fix for this, but you'll have to do further research on this.

    To practice I would take a simple task and try that first, interview one of your friends or family from one angle, with the camera on a tripod, with natural light and see how you go. Try the same with other lenses if you have them.

    Next I would try and film some moving action from a tripod, with various lenses.
    Using artificial light well can enhance your piece, but of course that means you have to hire or buy lights. Before you do this I would grab a couple of anglepoise lamps and put some halogen bulbs in them and experiment by lighting a subject from different angles whilst doing an interview.

    If you use the camera every day at least once a day then after hopefully not too long you'll be able to use the camera adequately.

    My biggest advice to you, would be to navigate the Nikon manual, think of something to do, like 'shoot a moving subject outdoors in variable natural light', then look up the tips in the manual.

    As far as doing something for your business, I think you'll find that after a few attempts it's not as easy as you might have thought to get beautiful shots, well edited together that are good enough to promote your business to the public.

    You're more likely to get something that looks like a home video, which is not to say you can't use that, but you'll find that virals that are made to look like home videos, have usually had a lot of money spent on them.

    If your business is at the point whereby you feel you need a video to promote your services, then ring fence some of your profits and pay a professional to make a video for you, to get good enough to make a video for your business will take a lot of time, time you could be better using running your business.

    For instance I have made simple videos for clients for as little as 400 that the client has been very happy with, it will have a simple idea, but it will be well executed and look professional, whatever you decide though, good luck and happy shooting.

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    Default Some idea here

    1.Writing a script and designing your time-frame work should be the backbone of your video.You can start with the company setup-history.
    2.Decide whether you are going to have an interview or message from the CEO.
    3. Explain special section/department/function of your company, the core business and what specialization does your company has. (CLose up video will be really good)
    4. What makes your company different - products, service, after sales service?
    5. Process - workflow of your company operations
    6. Areas of coverage. Local/international
    7. And lastly a video of all the staff smiling and waving their hand as a group - that should reflects one good working mates and a joyful experience working there.
    - you can shoot this from top, 2nd floor while they are waving from the ground. 9this hsould have great impact.

    Anyway, that wraps out the conventional way to do a corporate video.

    All the best. by the way : your cost includes few pieces of A4 paper and a cup coffee. (smoke is bad for health..LOL)


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