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    Hello guys,

    i've put the basic 3d effect on a layer in AE. My questions is, how can i change the center of the tilt. I don;t want the image to tilt, or swivel, from the center point of the layer. How can I move the tilt point to be somewhere at the bottom?

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    You can't do it that way, but there is another way. If you forget about the "basic 3d" effect and use the 3d layer controls, in combination with lights you can do everything you can do with the "basic 3d" effect plus more, including changing a layers anchor point. This is what you want.

    To access the 3d layer properties, selcect the little cube icon at the top of the timeline. Here are a few little AE 3d tips that could come in handy.

    If you change the anchor point, then make changes to any transform properties they will relate to the new anchor point position.

    If you make changes to any transform properties then decide you'd prefer to have a different anchor point it will work a little different and you might not get what you expect. If this isn't what you want the "pan behind tool" will get what you need (it's the tool to the right of the camera tool in the main toolbar) select it and drag the anchor point to it's new position.

    Try both and you'll see what I mean. Having the options to control both/either these senarios is very useful.

    You'll find if you create a composition with 3d layers in it, then put that comp in a new comp, the 3d properties wont carry through, to get it to pop back you need to enable the "continuous rasterize" properties in the timeline, it's the little icon that looks like a sun at the top of the timeline.


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    thanks a lot. i don't know why but i didn't want to use that option, lazy i guess. It's wonderful, thanks a lot

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