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Thread: newbie looking for some guidance

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    Default newbie looking for some guidance

    hi there!
    I'm new to this stuff...been doing non-linear audio for years, but I'm just really getting into video...
    I've been doing some trial comparisons of available software packages...I've found that it's been fairly intuitive to work with Adobe Premiere Elements 9 and CyberLink PowerDirector 9...only one sticking point: Elements will save as FLV, but not input 'em and PowerDirector will input FLV, but not save there another piece of software similar in price, method, and ability that will BOTH input and output FLV? FLV is a web standard, isn't it?
    thanks in advance for any guidance!!!

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    I don't know either of these pieces of software as I edit in Final Cut Studio, but the flv codec whilst widely used isn't something that can really be considered a standard.

    When exporting for the web from an NLE program H.264 can be considered fairly standard, as such you'll get H.264 codecs coming as standard with the various editing systems out there.

    Sorensen Squeeze, which is a brand of compression software has the flv codec and it is pretty versatile as far as tweaking the settings of the codec are concerned. You can download a trial version from the Sorensen website, though to make sure you buy it from them, there'll be a Sorenson watermark over anything you export.

    Whilst flv is good, H.264 is what you want to be playing around with, play around with the settings, key frames, bit rate, size and so on, it'll give you good quality web videos which will be able to be viewed on Mac or PC and go onto youtube and other video hosting sites without many problems.

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    Hi...thanks for your response....
    I've used H.264 a little on the trial version software I've been testing with, but it always seems very large in comparison...I guess that's where the experimenting with the settings and such comes into it...?
    Final Cut, isn't that a MAC-only program? or can it be used on PCs, as well?

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    Yes if you can play with the all the settings, a loose guide is the higher bit rate, the more key frames and the smaller the size the higher the quality. However the size of the file will increase the more you compress your video, so you're always trying to find a nice trade off between what looks nice and what is easy to upload/view/send. Also when adjusting size do it by equal fractions relating to half, so if you're video is 1280 720 adjust down to half 640 360 and so on

    Final Cut is a Mac only program, but there are things like Sony Vegas for the PC, which; though I've never used, I understand is a good program.

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