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    Hi all! Recently, David Lynch launched a video competition for his two new singles, but maybe you already know this. I decided to enter the competition.
    So I'm quite new to making films, this was my very first direction and all. I'd really like some constructive criticism or your thoughts about this one.

    Videos |

    This one was shot in two days (one for interior and one for exterior, but none of them took too long). Editing also took about two days.

    So what do you think?

    ps. I'm sorry, I didn't find any embedding options on the site...

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    I thought it was very good for a first movie. Well done.

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    Thanks a lot

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    I loved the macro shots used in this. They really helped push the emotional side of the story being told.
    Also the use of reverse was great towards the end when the glass moved back to the mirror. I really liked that use of reverse, as it led up to the end moment perfectly. Perhaps there could have been reverse slomo shots of the glass as it broke, so we see the shards of glass move back into place?

    But apart from that, I thought this was a really good piece. Well done.

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    Thanks a lot! I also think a reverse would be nice, about the breaking glass. Unfortunately we didn't have enough time/budget to accomplish that. We used an alarm pistol, not a real 9 mm, and we shot a blank. It was important, because of the top part of the pistol only moves back if it's actually firing. And we didn't like the idea to fake the shooting because of that. I used only one camera, so recording the whole event would have been difficult if we actually broke the glass on the scene.
    Actually this was a no budget film, the mirror wasn't mine, that's the biggest reason I gave up recording the breaking itself :P

    Thanks again, I'm happy you liked it

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