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    Hey all,

    This the second music video we have produced for Junction 9 Records and their artist 'Deja Fate'.

    We shot the performance section of the video on the same day / at the same location as the 'Indestructible' video (see: ). It was a mad 2 days filming not just 1 but 2 completely different music video's! In total both were conceived, shot and edited in just over 2 weeks!

    Most of the story elements were filmed outside the record labels office near London Bridge as well as Greenwhich Park.

    Hope you enjoy!

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    Nice one Jim. Excellent job. I even liked he song.

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    Cheers mate! Glad you enjoyed it!
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    I thought it was fine, though for me it seemed a bit like "just another music video". I suppose it's impossible to make every job you do stand out, but this lacked that little magic "Fingercuff" sprinkle of fairy dust.
    Having said that, I think it was there in places, but wasn't really given the opportunity to shine. The desaturated look where some colours stood out (just the way it worked or did you enhance those colours?) was an interesting look. Take 0:25, the subdued blue window frame, red cladding (below windows in background) and double yellow lines create a great look, whereas much of the rest of the desaturated external footage looked, well, just desaturated.
    I suppose what I'm saying is with many of your videos there's a scene or a style which typifies it, whereas with this one, I'd find it hard in six months time to remember it.
    I also wasn't sure of the decision to use a less than perfectly smooth tilt at the end, but I suppose that was designed to give it a more intimate feel.

    I hope you continue to work with DF as I really like his voice and look forward to seeing/hearing more stuff.


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