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Thread: CPU usage while encoding

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    Default CPU usage while encoding

    Hi all, I have been using a pretty new version of vegas (can't remember the version) and I assume it is written to make use of all 4 cores of my cpu. I have one of those windows 7 gadgets running which shows CPU and RAM usage in real time.

    I noticed after editing and rendering to a WMV, my processor usage goes way up when it gets into the effects (dissolves, blurs etc).

    My question is: My CPU usage tops out in the 80ish % range and I am wondering why it won't go higher? Should it not go to maximum in order to do things the fastest? Is there some limit that windows won't let it exceed or a setting in Vegas that can be turned up?


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    CPU % usage depends on the tasks being done. Not all CODECS are created equal some perform at 100% and some don't. Uncompressed CODECS don't, MPEG are better.

    Add into this mix other demands being made on your pc and you really shouldn't be surprised that the CPU isn't registering 100%. It's about intermittent tasks, not demands.

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