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Thread: Can't get AVI's in Vegas 10

  1. Question Can't get AVI's in Vegas 10

    Hey everyone,

    I've seen a lot of people having this problem, but I haven't found any solutions that have worked for me.

    I have Vegas 10 Pro on WIndows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. It won't recognize or allow me to drop any AVI files into a project.

    The AVI's play fine in Windows Media player.

    I have tried installing the K-Lite codec pack, then relaunching Vegas - didn't work.

    I tried intalling the Shark007 codec pack and then relaunching Vegas -- didn't work.

    I used the GSpot program to inspect what kind of codec was used to encode the AVI files, and it says, "WMV3 - codecs are installed" and "cvid - codecs are installed"

    This is the error message I receive in Vegas trying to open any AVI file that I have...
    When I click on "details", it just shows the name and path of the AVI file I'm trying to import into Vegas.

    Here's the output from GSpot showing the codec as being installed:

    Here is a link to one AVI video file that is giving me problems(13mb file) :

    How do I get around this? Does anyone have any AVI codecs installed on Windows 7 Ultimate and able to load AVI's into Vegas Pro 10 64-bit?

    How do I get Vegas Pro 10 to recognize these AVI files when apparently the codecs are installed?

    Help anyone please!

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    I downloaded the .avi file ran it through Gspot and got the same results as you. I played the file with Windows Media Player, it played fine. I tried to put it on the time line in Vegas and it won't do it. This is a mystery to me also. I put it in AnyVideoConverter and converted it to mpeg2 movie. This now plays in Vegas. Not exactly telling you whats wrong but it's a work around.

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    Hey everyone,

    Unless someone has another solution, here's how I've managed to overcome the Vegas 10 64-bit version issue of not being able to view/edit AVI's.

    See this thread for my issue:

    Instead of downloading all sorts of codecs, I discovered that the 32-bit version of Vegas 10 was able to read avi's perfectly.

    So what I did is I took the aviplug.dll from the FileIO Plugins folder of the 32-bit installation and copied that across to the FileIO Plugins folder of the 64-bit install of Vegas.

    All appears to be working thus far as of this post.

    Hope this helps others!

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