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Thread: Graphics Cards 512Mb vs 1Gb

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    Arrow Graphics Cards 512Mb vs 1Gb

    I'm about to install a new graphics card and don't have much of a budget and have decided on a Sapphire ATI 5450HD.

    I have the choice of 512Mb or 1Gb or RAM and googling some research seems to show that unless you are gaming, there is no real reason for going for 1Gb.

    In terms of my general use, I use Premiere Pro CS4 and additionally a variety of video conversion programs that I use to convert footage to various formats.

    What I would like to know is whether:

    a: 1Gb would improve the performance of Premiere and in what specific ways
    b: Would the 1Gb generally increase the speed at which video conversion would take place.
    c: Is ATI stream better than Nvidia CUDA

    I know that different programs will support differing technologies, so realise that b: and c: are rather generalised questions but just trying to get some ideas based on others actual experiences.

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    For Premiere CS4; I recommend reading:
    1) Adobe's new CS4 finally exploits the true power of graphics cards
    2) third-party hardware compatibility | Adobe Premiere Pro CS5

    It appears that to use some of CS4's video card options are only supported by some cards. I even wrote to Matrox to ask why my card did not appear in Adobe's list. Even so, my non-standard card works for me; but Premiere does not (afaik) make any use of the GPU; so all calculations are done in standard PC RAM. However, I suspect the larger RAM on the card may be more useful when wanting to run two monitors, perhaps in high definition.

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