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    how to achieve this rich text look when applying text to video please see :46 for what I am referring to.

    As you can see from the video the text is clearly not just placed on the screen. For example if you add text to a film layer in FCP it just appear like its over layed and not part of the movie however with the text in the video above it appears richer and part of the production. Am I crazy or is there further work done to the text after the overlay?

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    Actually looking at the video after the imbed you don't need to play it. Its the text you can see to the left of the dj's head i the inbed.

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    In my opinion, it is only a standard layer. However, the large text "lafaille" is placed so that it constrasts against the background (part of the bench). Had it been positioned over lighter areas (eg. his coat); then it would have have been less easy to read. The text is also positioned at an important place in the frame (re: rule of thirds).

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