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Thread: Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD 9.0 "An Exception Has Occured"

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    Default Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD 9.0 "An Exception Has Occured"

    Hi I bought Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD 9.0 like 6 months ago and it has worked wonderfully since. Until last night that is...
    A window popped up that said:
    An error has occurred during the current operation.
    An Exception has occurred.
    Then I can either select OK (which closes the the program) or Details which comes up with a bunch of numbers I do not understand. (If it will help I can paste in the information.)
    Every time I open Vegas this message pops up before I can do any editing.
    What should I do?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Have done something radical to your pc in the last day or two?

    How much space is on your system drive?

    Have you a separate drive for media?

    What media have you loaded?

    How much space on your drive is that media taking?

    Did you register Vegas?

    Try resetting to factory defaults.

    Bottom line here is that as you say Vegas HAS been working for several months. Something has changed. Either your pc; space on your pc; the media you are using is larger than you've used before; Vegas has got corrupted; some hardware and it drivers are screwing with your pc and maybe with Vegas too or it's the Xmas bunny?

    You have much to consider. It could be trying to load a far far far too big reso media, big TIFFS will do it, and have Vegas set to launch the last used project. If that project has become untenable, for whatever reason, then a factory default setting to a NEW empty Vegas project may, at this juncture be your only way back in.

    What it won't be is something wrong with your Vegas, as you've said it has been working.

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    The same thing happened to me, except it never worked well for me. I couldn't install it by the autorun, even if I manually started the autorun. I had to go into the individual folders and install them. Vegas Movie Studio used to take a lot longer for "An Exception Has Occurred" to appear, but now it happens almost as soon as I have the project opened. When I open Task Manager I can see that after the project is opened, Vegas Movie Studio is using over 1,000,000K of Memory! I know that compatability isn't an issue, because I checked my computer's specs and Vegas Movie Studio's requirements, and my computer matches them. I reinstalled it, like you suggested, but it didn't have any effect. What should I do?

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    Default Possible Solution

    I just had the same thing happen to me. After days of thinking I had done something to the program and possibly the computer I found it to be the video that I was importing was of a format that Sony would not accept. I recently purchased one of those 1080 pocket cameras and it used an odd .mp4 format that Vegas would not accept. The way I was able to get it to work was change the format using conversion software, it worked after that.

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