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    how does this sound ?

    unprocessed audio from a recent project. im thinking the mic is possibly placed to close.

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    I think it needs a bit of what Sony Vegas calls "add air", which is just a bit a tweak of the top end. Increase the the EQ at around 16k buy a few dB. This might help. You could try playing around with the reverb to alter the room size but without the visuals it's hard to know if it fits as it is or not. I would suspect inside a VW van it just might be right.

    To be honest I've just listened to it again and it sounds very "Radio 4" to me, which is a good thing.

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    Cheers mb. I just listened to the YouTube upload again and even at the 720 setting it sounds ever so slightly muffled compared to the original. I tried adding a touch of reverb but it didn't sound natural as it indeed the interior of a Vw van. Not sure i know what you mean about radio 4 but if that means ok .....

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    A spectrum analyser confirms MB's suggestion. The graph shows a dramatic drop off in volume just above 10kHtz. Sadly, there is distortion in the recording, so whilst adding 'air' will make it sound brighter, it will also increase the distortion in those higher frequencies. I would also be inclined to decrease (remove) the EQ below around 80Htz. That should remove some of the boominess; and would then be in a more satisfactory stage to add reverb or echo (if that what you want to do).

    There does seem to be something odd about this recording. It sounds like a cheap microphone.

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    Thanks for your suggestions Tim. I'll have a play

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    You know, it's not bad, but it does sound like a very inexpensive dynamic microphone. If I was trying to fix it in Audtion I would bring up the highs, bring down the entire wave's level with a "clip restoration" filter which helps get rid of distortion in a clipped signal (it's not real effective, but it helps some), and then try putting some expansion on it because it sounds like it was recorded with the cams auto "leveler" (in other words a real bad compressor).

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