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    Hey guyz,
    I made this intro... Its pretty basic but i was wondering what you guyz think and any suggestions to get it better?

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    I could be wrong about this but perhaps a blur to refocus as the Assasins guide title appears could add a nice touch to the piece. Wouldn't be too hard to try it out and see what you think.

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    It may be difficult to suggest how to make it 'better'. One could throw every known special effect at it, but such things should have a purpose; rather than simply to amaze.
    On the other hand, how about the letters turning to grains of sand and then being blown away.
    Truly, given the fact that the clip is only 5 secs long; there is nothing wrong with it.

    In a similar way, a musician could play one note on a piano; then look at their teacher and ask "what can I do to play that one note better".

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    Thanx guyz, Im guna work on a new 1 but for now use this 1

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