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    I am using a Sony HDR SR12 and have started to record some gigs where the sound can be very loud (metal). Anyway while the video looks great the sound is coming out horribly distorted ; it seems to be peaking alot especially with the kick drum. I tried playing with the mic level setting adjustment but it didn't help. There are no level meters on the camera but there is a 3.5 mm jack.
    Should I use an external mic instead? Which one? I don't want to sound much and I don't really want to be monitoring levels etc .... Any advice for the lazy videographer.

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    I suspect some owners might prefer to use one of Sony's dedicated mics, e.g: SONY MICROPHONE FOR HDR-HC5 HDR-HD7 HDR-HC9 HDR-SR12. I have no idea how it reacts to loud sounds.
    Personally, I would prefer to use a separate audio recorder (e.g. one made by Zoom); to record the audio from the best position; or by taking the audio directly from the mixing desk.
    One problem with using the camera's mic is that the audio will 'sound different' depending on where the camera is positioned. And if you are moving it around; the sound and quality may change.
    Other than the limitations of the inbuld cheap mic; the audio system on the camera may have an unwanted, automatic compressor. In the wrong circumstances, the recorded audio can sound distorted and indistinct. It may also not be able to properly record the bass sounds from kick drums.

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    I'd definitely go with a separate sound recording device such as the Zoom. Try and get a stereo feed directly from the live mixing desk if not the next best but not great thing to do is use the stereo mics of the zoom to record the sound. mic placement is crucial. You should experiment during the sound check. Also take into account the audience will then make the sound different.

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    take a feed directly from the mixing desk, if your camera can't do that then try and get the tracks sent to you which you can then add over when editing.

    Recording using the camera's mics, external or internal will never give you results you're happy with.

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