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    I am looking to buy this wide angle lens for my Cannon HF100. The thread size of the lens is 58mm and my camera is 37. To be perfectly sure, all I need for this to work is a 37 to 58mm step up, isn't that right?

    Will there be any negative effects of there being such a difference in thread size? According to youtube videos with a HFS100 (not sure if the threads are any different on the HF to the HFS) the lens seems to work brilliantly.

    Any help is much appreciated!
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    Any help at all? The lens is 58mm and the HF100 is 37, a ring adaptor is all that's needed? It is the last day that I can order this for Christmas.

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    it should work. I don't see any reason it wouldn't. The only possible negative I can see is that you will not have as wide of an area to film when compared to a lens with the same diameter as the camera.

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