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Thread: I cut a .mov file in half ...... now its 10 times bigger!!!

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    Default I cut a .mov file in half ...... now its 10 times bigger!!!

    I'm not trying to make great movies. I just want to share some Jam night footage shot from a Zoom Q3. Its camera of limited function that outputs .mov files with a choice of sound file types. However If I shoot more than a couple of songs, the file length is more than 200Mb which means that I cant upload the media fire.

    I take the obvious step and load it into Vegas movie studio platinum 10.0, chop it in half and render it ......... Now half the original file is 40GB. What did I do wrong?

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    Sounds like you've rendered as uncompressed AVI.
    Render as the same same format as the source (he said glibly - this isn't always as straighforward as you may think)

    I trust the Jam and the concert promoters have given you permission...

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