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    I have a bunch of different clips in mp4 format. When I drag them into the timeline, there is no track for the audio, instead only the video is visible in the timeline. But that's not the problem (well it's part of it). The audio is still there in the clips, everything can be heard fine. But when I am cutting out certain parts of these clips, the audio stays. And since there is no visible track for the audio I have no idea how to delete it along with the part of the clip I want to delete. Obviously the audio and video are not linked.

    Need help on this ASAP. Thanks everyone.

    EDIT: I have added many .mts files to the project and the audio and video are separated for each one. Audio can be deleted. Don't know why it's different for these files.

    EDIT 2: It only seems to happen when I split a clip and delete one of the halves I just created. The audio will linger even for the part of the clip I deleted.
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