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Thread: 2010 Reel - College Sophomore Level - Motion Graphics / Live Action

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    Default 2010 Reel - College Sophomore Level - Motion Graphics / Live Action

    I am a sophomore in college.

    Could I get some feedback? I just started learning after effects in August, keep that in mind.

    Also, I'm new here. Hello

    I hope to stay for a long time! This seems like a great place. Well designed too, which is nice.

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    Welcome Alex,

    Whilst I'd be the first to admit I know nothing about design and even less about motion graphics, I thought this was a very impressive showreel - a real mish mash which doesn't really work together but that's the point of a showreel, to show off different styles and capabilities. This and your other work is far superior to much other student work we get here. Your work suggests to me a mixture of talent and hard study and hard work. I hope you go far.

    I loved the "Guess the Movie" clip on Vimeo. But we're meant to get Holy Grail from the rabbit? It could just as easily be Sex and the City!

    from one whom they call ....

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    I can't believe this is a students work! It's really good mate, you should go far.

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    Like the others I thought it shows some good talent. One thing I didn't like was the music. I just found it annoying.

    Well done.

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