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Thread: Need some feedback on stop motion live action video

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    Red face Need some feedback on stop motion live action video

    This is a video I made for school with live action stopmotion and I wanted to have some feedback, is it any good?


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    The stop motion was done very well. I don't think it needed to be stop motion all the way through but there were parts where it is very effective like when they are merging at the end. Unfortunately I don't speak spanish so I have no idea what it's about but it's very well done so you should do well.

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    yeah, i know that can be a problem, it's not translated yet but it will be, thanks for the feedback, you can also check Sociedad Cívica to see gigapan pictures of the battle they have(no need for spanish there, lol)

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    The angles could change more frequently. It drags on a bit. I found myself bored within 30 seconds. I think you need more long shots. The same angles keep reoccurring and it seems to be repeating itself.

    I could also get bored because I don't speak that language.

    Overall though it is well done, in terms of stop motion.

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    The photography is very good but I'm not sure why you would use this technique for a long dialogue scene. You must have really told the talent to keep still. They look as though they have got guns to there heads. I found it interesting at first but then my interest wavered. This could be the language problem.

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