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Thread: My New Showreel

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    Default My New Showreel

    Hi there,
    I've just put together a new showreel for myself so I thought I'd put it up and see what you guys think. Thanks for any feedback.

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    Typography is a huge part of videography that is often overlooked. You need a good lesson in typography and the design of type.

    It is really the only poor thing about your reel.

    Check this out for quick tips:

    In the Woods – 10 Typography Tips to Bring your Skills to the Next Level

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    The shot at 22 secs doesn't work for me, I have to try to hard to see the guy holding the match. BUT apart from that a good set of shots. So you are just the editor you didn't do any of the shooting ?

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    Thanks Alex, Typography is something that I probably do overlook. What exactly would you say is wrong with the way I've laid out my text?

    I know what you mean about the dark shot at 22 seconds Midnight Blue, I wasn't sure whether to leave it in, it looks ok on some screens but on others it isn't clear at all. I didn't shoot any of the footage, it's all stuff that I've edited, and I also produced a lot of it too with my production company.
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    I agree the footage used is ok-brilliant but the begining titles put me off right from the start and the music seems to be more of a prince of persia or asia type sound... maybe you could put in more of an upbeat tempo with quick fades and zooms and possible use pan/crop effects on the footage.

    Look at this showreel:

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    I'm not a professional but i was very impressed with the quality of your shots.. camera quality and angles looked amazing!

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    I'm no pro either but I liked it, except the dark shot. Maybe zoom in on the lit up mouth, would make the shot a lot more "personal" I think.

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    I quite enjoyed watching that. A very nice showreel.

    If I were to point anything out, it would be to include the fact that you're an editor at the beginning of the showreel as well, so the viewer knows what to look out for as your own work. Some people may think you're a cinematographer, and look at the lovely shots. Then at the end, you tell them you're an editor and they need to watch it all back again.

    Also, perhaps include segments from each film of your editing within that particular film? Otherwise it's an edit of a montage, and not editing of the films that you're showing off - unless you're advertising your montage skills.

    Apart from that, I really liked it. Great work.

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    Nice work, professional looking shots, best of luck.

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    Great body of work, fantastic...

    I agree with the two main points above, the opening titles are a bit 80's, try using a standard clean typeface, you cant go far wrong with Helvetica.

    I also had no clue that its about editing, until the very end.

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