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Thread: New and independent record and film label venture-looking for film makers and editors

  1. Default New and independent record and film label venture-looking for film makers and editors

    Hey all.

    My names Nana and I am a 20 year old female mc from East London. I am currently in the process of setting up my own entertainment group by the name of Vision 13 (V13). I am an avid musician, I spend a lot of time writing and recording. That is why I wanted to start the company in the first place, in order to really begin to build something big.

    I'm looking for hungry and determined individuals who will be willing to build the company up with me. Individuals who want to pursue a career in the filming industry.
    It will also be beneficial if you have an interest in music such as grime, rap and underground music in general. As for now I will be the only artist under the record label. But I will be releasing all my music under it. The filming side will be there to support the artists on the record label .As well as having the vision and passion to embark on any filming projects that they would like e.g. music videos, short films, and documentaries. It will be a venture in which we will feed off the support from each other each A willingness to do this will be essential. Overall, anyone who would be ready to build a fresh new venture I would love to hear from.

    If you feel you may be interested in this please please email me at so we can talk about it in more depth . And to check out some of my music visit Skitzo13's sounds on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

    Look forward to hearing from you.


  2. Default there anyone out there that is at all interested??? I forgot to mention , it would be beneficial if you lived in London aswell

  3. Default

    hey id be very interested, i have some experiance with music videos and good adaptable skill set, i think id bring alot to something like this. im not currently in london but will some be driving and am planning on moving down to london in a bout a years time.

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