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Thread: Stacked movie files? What can I do?

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    Default Stacked movie files? What can I do?

    Alright, this has been stressing me forever. Everytime I download a video format of any kind and play it, it has overlapped movie. For example; it skips scenes, repeats scenes, really shortened timeline (suppose to be 20 mins long, but the player ends up only showing 30 seconds of it and displays 30 seconds as the length of the clip).
    I have Premiere, but I don't know how or if I even can un-overlap the movie so I can get it to run its full-length. I've tried re-downloading the movie multiple times, but the same thing happens. It is driving me nuts. Can someone please help me with my overlapped movie chaos? Thank you.

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    Please, I really need some serious help correcting this. Thank you.

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    Does it happen with movies encoded with a specific codec?

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    Well, it usually happens with *.mpg, *.mpeg, or *.avi.

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    Have you installed the nimo codec pack? If so, uninstall, or restore to an earlier point. Is it only on downloaded clips? Where are you downloading the clips from? Can you PM me a link to one of the clips?

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    I just get like anime music videos and drag racing videos off of Kazaa. Then when I try to play them back after they're done, the overlapping happens. I don't know what the nimo codec pack is. I just get what ever is availble from Microsoft upate and Media Player automatically updates. :?:

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    Can you send me a copy of a file that you think is messed up?

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