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    I shot this just for fun and to show a part of the world most people don't know about. I didn't want to do a boring travel video, so I did something with a little story and conflict but I still want to keep it fun and light.

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    I like this & impress yr creation with window movie maker.
    For me, I got a problem with Vegas & AVCHD file taken from Sony Nex5K.
    Let me know how to import AVCHD file to timeline of Vegas 7.
    Thanks, soe:

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    I understand you made this for fun and what not but i thought i would give you some constructive feedback

    Things that need work:

    wardrobe - i know we're all broke these days, but try to be more creative. i don't think any guy would be wearing a polka dotted bandana with a muscle least not i...but i guess that's the fun part about the video? ha.

    acting (mainly the main character in green)

    sound - when you change angles, try to have the sound overlap to the next angle, so it doesn't suddenly cut, and it's not obvious that you only used one camera, and simply changes positions.

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    The wardrobe is pretty accurate to how people would dress around here.

    What is so terrible about the acting?


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