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    Default HD question?

    Im making a music video. Files are full HD shot on canon 7D.
    My question is do i need to make project in same resolution (1920.1080) or is it better i make
    720.576 and then if i need it i can export it in full res..?
    Is it less hard on procesor/graphic if i make project in lower res?
    Thank You!

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    Yor best to make the project setting match the source footage settings.


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    thank you..
    i thought maybe its better if you need some zoom/motion aplaying..then it would be betterif you have more space outside border where file is so that picture doesnt crack as you strech it and zoom into it,,,and if its a full scale then you cant do much
    considering this specific effect that i mentioned,,

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    considering this specific effect that i mentioned
    I had to re-read your original post there. Am I missing something? You never mentioned any effect.

    If you want to rescale, reframe and/or add motion to your HD shots, and know you are going to export as SD in the end then yes, you are better to create an SD project and use your HD footage. It wont help your computer processing though. As you have a miss match of source footage and project settings, Premiere (I'm assuming that's what your using as you posted here) will probably want you to render everything on your timeline for preview purposes (depending on your system).

    If you mean import HD footage into an SD project, edit, then later export as full HD to get benifits from easing the processing needs then you need to capture, or convert, the footage at the start to SD, then replace it at the end with HD.

    The only NLE I'm aware of that allows you to chop and change bewteen diffrerent project settings for exporting is Avid.

    Otherwise no, as with my original reply, your best to create project settings that match your source footage.

    If you are talking about reframing footage, it's a good idea to get away from this aproach asap. It's bad practice and you'll do a lot better to consider framing when shooting. Video doesn't have the scaling advantages of vector graphics and tends to be restricted by exact frame sizes that photographers don't have to adhear to. I know HD source footage in SD projects offers a bit of play, but it's not a great idea to rely on it.

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    No you didnt miss read anything, i posted later when it came to my mind. Ok, got it..


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