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Thread: Ruthless Truth: Brutal Beginnings

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    Default Ruthless Truth: Brutal Beginnings

    What do you guys make of this. It's my first attempt at an advert. Any tips on tightening it up? What about the quality? Professional grade?

    Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks .

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    It doesn't communicate anything that makes any sense to me. I hate flashing images done like this.

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    The first things that come to mind are:

    A) It's very long. (I think you realise this)

    B) The titles don't work at all, and there's way to many of them.

    You should give enough time to read through a title plus enough time to get half way through reading it again, some people prefer to allow 1 second for every 3 words, but as words vary in length it becomes a guide rather than a rule. Also the alignment causes a vewers eyes to work hard, look particularly at the differnece between the second and third titles. This gives a very unprofessional look and is the first real point that causes the viewer to struggle, and probably turn off.

    C) It doesn't give any insight into what your advertising. I really don't know if there's any relevance to the erratic (in structure and content) quotes and the product, if there is then I (the viewer) should know what it is.

    I realise that you do offer a web address at the end, but your advert offers no reason for the viewer to want to go there. To go there to find out why they don't know what it is isn't enough.


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    Dreadful. The main reasons are cited above.


    Use of expletives in an advert is pointless (unless you're advertising porn). It doesn't shock or add anything to it, but it does draw attention to itself and thus away from anything else in the message you're trying to get across.

    (Quite apart from this, I don't see how posting onscenities on a forum for all ages could be considered good practice)

    Quoting Ghandi might be reasonable. Quoting a whole bunch of people no-one has heard of is pointless.
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    Ahhh okay thanks for the feedback. I'll put what you've said here into my next one try to tighten it up

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