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Thread: HD to SD for DVD in Vegas

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    Default HD to SD for DVD in Vegas

    Hi, I am fairly new to video editing and need a little help. I have some footage I recorded in on HD Camera in .mts format that I am editing in Vegas for rending to DVD.
    The video was shot in two formats. 1080 HD at 60i and 1080 HD at 29fps. (two separate projects).
    I am trying to edit these two videos to burn onto DVD but am having a couple of issues. Number one the the video is just not looking very clean, very blurry, and the I am getting a lot of motion noise once rendered and burned to DVD.
    I have tried rendering the video in a number of different settings and NTSC DV Widescreen seems to get the best results when render quality is set to Best, but it is still a little problematic with motion blur.
    Anyone have any thoughts?

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    When you render to a format for a DVD you will see the best results on a TV from that DVD rather than a PC screen. So have you checked that out. I know it can be a little disappointing when you have nice HD footage and you have to reduce the quality to put it on a DVD. One thing to check is that the field order of the deinterlace is lower field first as you are creating SD footage.

    Keep the bit rate as high as you can. I usually aim for constant bit rate of 9.8Mb as this is the highest bit rate DVD architect will use. However if your piece is over an hour long you may need to reduce this to fit it on the disk. Another thing to try is clicking the bypass motion blur button render out a test section to see if this improves your footage or not. You may have to experiment with this kind of approach to get what you consider the nicest picture. I'm no expert in these matters but it's worth a little experimentation on your part. Also try not to go over the top on any colour correction and FXs this can spoil your image as well.

    Hope this helps in some way.

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    Thanks for the tips. I adjusted the field order to lower first and the deinterlace settings to blen field and it appears to have taken care of the fuzzyness.

    Question though. How do I adjust the bit rate? In the properties menu I can select 8 or 32, no option for 9.8. I'm burning to DVD directly from Vegas.


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    If you are rendering an mpeg2 file click on the custom button and you will see the bit rates at the bottom of the video tab. If you are creating a disk from Vegas I don't know what the procedure is as I've never done it like that.

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    Do you think it would make more sense to render the video in mpeg2 at the bit rate you indicated, then use an application to burn to DVD after?

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    Sorry, I can't really advise you as I don't know what Vegas does when it does the DVD writing process. I suppose it can't hurt to give it a try.

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