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Thread: Opportunity to start out in wedding videography

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    Default Opportunity to start out in wedding videography

    Hi I am friends with a wedding photographer who has asked me if I would be interested in videography as she is always asked about it from her clients. I have done a few weddings for friends (my present to them) using low end cameras and I also have the opportunity to do a couple more low pressure videos for friends/family next year. Iíve been in IT for around 10 years and am in a decent well paid job but I really donít enjoy it. Iíve always wanted to make a living from something more creative and this seems ideal, Iím not saying Iím going to quit my job but I reckon I can do enough weddings next year to gage if itís right for me, build a portfolio and then who knows.
    Iím looking to get Canon XH-A1
    Some kind of mike for speeches ect. (havenít fully researched it)
    Lights - canít see me buying additional ones straight away
    Tripod Ė one with wheels
    Will get a second identical camera if I get more serious about it.
    Iíve got a dual core laptop and quad core pc which will be fine for the editing, I currently use power director but might switch to Sony Vegas.

    Of the few Iíve done Iíve mixed in the photographers images with the video and I think it looks good and blends in well with music etc, I think it just adds a little more interest as the photographer gets more angles than I could get (I know I will get more with 2 cameras)

    Money wise Iím happy to invest in a second hand Canon XH-A1, as I was thing about getting a camera anyway ( have a one year old) for around £700 - £800 so donít mind paying the extra.

    Also thinking of offering my services as a second camera man to any local videographers, but havenít decided on this yet

    Interested in your thoughts

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    An interesting opportunity! It can work well for both of you, especially if the tog is selling video as part of a package. It'll be good to build your portfolio until you decide to go it alone and many of the contract headaches can be taken care of by them too.
    I'd be wary of tying yourself down to one tog as you will require much more work in the early years than they can probably provide. I'd also have a style that didn't 'rely' on stills being provided by the tog, as many just won't provide these.
    A year or so doing 2camera shoots will allow you to establish your style and work with a variety of togs. I know in the 1st couple of years I was nearly always impressed with togs, but nowadays I can discern that out of 50 there's probably only 2 that really are talented enough to justify recommending them. Most are, at best, very average.

    Regarding kit . . . 2 cams, a radio mic kit, a tripod with a good head and a cam light for the 1st dance is more than capable of getting you 1st class results.
    My opinions are just that . . . Mine. It's not personal, but is based on my emotional and professional reaction to requested critique. If you choose to ignore constructive comments, I'll just assume you're a vanity poster and not posting to improve your filming and editing skills.

    Ex A.P.V Videomaker of the year - Ex M.M. IOV Come join my EXclusive club

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    Thanks for the response
    No I wouldn't tie my self down to anyone, i would just use next year to see how it went even if I only did 5 - 10 weddings it would give me a good idea if its for me or not. Ye the tog would be selling it as part of a package so it would save me the hassle of promoting ect. She also has a studio and offers it as part of the wedding package for family photos, so I would be able to get some more artistic/posey shots with good lighting to include with the final video. I'm not sure if I could tie it in with the wedding day but I was thinking it could be possible to create a thankyou videos, in the studio.
    I'm going to continue reading till next year then decide what I'm going to spend my money on

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