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Thread: How do I learn this effect?

  1. Default How do I learn this effect?

    Im using Premiere Pro CS4 and I have never used After Effects but Im ready to learn!

    Im DESPERATE to learn how to acheive the effect you see in the first 30 seconds of this clip from 'American: The Bill Hicks Story':

    Can anyone point me to some good tuorials on how to do this? I assume it IS done with After Effects, right?

    No extremely techie answers please! Im still a noob.


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    No extreme techie answers needed.

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    Thanks for the link, thats great!

    Do you know of any more detailed tutorials, bearingin mind that I have never used After effects?


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    The best place I know of for AE tutorials is HERE. I pay them a visit and look for 3D photo Effect. Infact as I feeling much better from my flu HERE IS THE PAGE YOU NEED

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    The video co-pilot tutorials are normally great, but better for people who know their way around the software a bit. If you want to learn the software, to then be able to take advantage of these tutorials to their fullest, an excellent place to look is Software training online-tutorials for Adobe, Microsoft, Apple & more

    They have a more structured outlook to their tutorials that would do you more good. It's not free, but is well worth the money, and they always do a few of the earlier tutorials free allowing you to get a bit of a grounding.

    It's just another option.

    To do this technique in particular you can do it directly inside after effects, there's no need to go to photoshop.

    The main things you want to learn are masking, the paint brush and clone stamp tools, 3d layers and camera depth of field. The first tutorial above has some nice clean painting/cloning involved, but no mention of it having been done. The video co-pilot has some very rough clone stamping, even in the sample he done earlier.

    If you learn how to work depth of field on the AE camera (or even apply bur to layers) you have less need to worry about getting super clean clones or painting. Get it nice(ish) and blur it out. If you look at the oringinal video you posted, this is what they done in the earlier clips. For me it also gives it a better look.

    To take this further (as with a few of the shots on your original link) you can do it with a composite of bits an pieces from other photo's and also add animation into to. For this you want to expand the basic skillset above to colour work, compositing techniques and perhaps even rotoscoping.

    The video co-pilot tutorial just touches on this as a very early insight into the eyes of a compositor, when he mentions knowing what pictures you'll want to do this with and which to keep away from.

    This holds true when judging light source angles, lens angles etc. on various pictures before deciding whether they will make a good composition or not. Or when setting things up when taking pictures/shooting video's for planned composites.

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    Some people (mistakenly) refer to this as the "Ken Burns effect", though it's more similar to something popularized by the movie _The Kid Stays in the Picture_.

    Knowing those search terms, you can then do searches like these, which bring up a lot of good resources:
    Ken Burns effect
    Kid Stays in the Picture
    Todd Kopriva, Adobe Systems Incorporated
    After Effects Help and Support
    Premiere Pro Help and Support

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    This is my first post Hi everybody.

    murph, it requires After Effects, and knowledge of how to use a 3D camera in after effects.

    It's relatively simple.

    You need to edit the 2D picture into separate images using photoshop or another photo editor.
    Put those images in your timeline in after effects.
    Make them 3D by checking the 3D box.
    Move the background image back in 3D z-space to create depth.
    Create a camera.
    Pan/animate the camera in the direction you want.

    It's really easy once you get the ball rolling!

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    It is a cool effect.

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