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Thread: Files get blury after convert

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    Question Files get blury after convert

    Hello fellow forum members, this is my 1st post in this forum

    I'm using a Canon Legria HFR17 HD camera.
    I used Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9.0 to import the AVCHD videos, it should be a simple read only, with no convert ha?
    I read on the AunSoft website that I might get into trouble, because Sony Vegas is still not stable?
    So I started to import with AunSofts MTS/M2TS Converter, selected H.264/MPEG-4 AVC (*.mp4), as my output format. Also tried MPEG-2 (*mpg) non linear edition as output (with Bitrate(kbps) set to orginal).
    My problem with all these settings are that when the video goes from side to side, then I'll see some blury lines from side to side, could say a ghost maybe.
    I've edited films before, using a Sony Handycam, with a MiniDV tape.
    I remember then editing, and everything looked nice, but when I wanted to export my final work, then I got the same resultat as I now do. So I'm afraid that I will spend countless hours editing all these GB of data, and then it will all look blury. Be that exported video, or on a DVD..

    This is how the H.264 file looks like on a screen shot:
    Blury video.jpg

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    This an interlace artefact. Try changing the field order to upperfield first for HD footage or to none, if progressive footage is being used. Lowerfield first for SD footage. Note you may get this artefact in the preview screen as Vegas does not deinterlace at this stage. Do a test section of a few seconds to see what the final render will look like.

    As for your workflow it seems a little strange to choose these formats for editing but if it works for you, fine. The h.264 codec is really a final viewing format, rather than an ideal editing format. I have never had a problem bringing .mts files straight on to the time line in Vegas but I've never used footage from a Canon camera. Have you tried to used the original camera files straight in to Vegas. Also make sure your project settings are correct for your footage type.

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