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Thread: LiPm : Logical Interpretation Through Physical Manipulation

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    "A metaphorical play with words as one alters visual appreciation through the means of physical manipulation.
    This is however, in no way a self promotion; in many ways it's a self reflection and realization on the effort necessary to physically alter ones appearance to a state of physical appreciation. "

    I'm very proud of this little one and would appreciate any comments or suggestions for future productions. This is my first post.. so be honest and I can learn.

    Basically; long story short..
    When training no one is in perfect symmetry and so I wanted to film particular movements etc.
    Then; seeing what my friend was capable of doing with his floor work... our minds span round in circles with ideas... After several months... I made this...
    I regard it as something I can look back on in the future.
    I hope you appreciate not only the production, but the time taken to reach a personal physical state to which we wanted to portray using 'non' drug based ruitines.

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    I can not begin to imagine the pain you went through to make your self look like that. I haven't looked anything near that for 30 years.

    Firstly, the video held my interest for most of the way through but it was a little bit repetitive after a while. I regard the video ending at 5:30 even though it went on for over 2 more mins.

    It seemed to be how Dave could do things in his floor routines, which I'm not denying is skillful, rather than the portrayal of metamorphosing (if thats a real word) your body into the the lean mean Pudding machine I was expecting, where are the before shots. I thought you edited very well, the footage you had and your graphics are very good also.

    I like the production style you used but thought the content needed more in the way of different camera angles, close ups, even some sort of narrative may have helped.

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    I pretty much agree on that, I really enjoyed what you done with it and you held my attention really well all the way through. But still, as it got closer towards the end I realised it was all it was going to be and my mind started to wander, just a touch, considering what else could be done with it. The first thing that came to my mind was the difference, mainly in the core, between these guys and the drugged up show style body builders in Loius Theroux's Documentary "Body Building".

    There's someting I'd love to see, a positive version of what he done, showing the difference when doing it properly.


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    That's brilliant input, thank you guys for taking the time to not only watch, but post.

    I agree with your comment.. even during production I personally struggled with keeping the video 'sexy' as it were. There were considerably more ideas, however I simply found them too difficult at the time. I think a dolly may be necessary for the future.
    This was certainly a learning curve.

    For the future however... and here is where the fun comes in..
    I stopped training shortly after this was made live. We failed in gaining approval before making it public and I stupidly left certain branding in scenes thus poor Dave was sacked from the gym in question. It's now been 6 months and I've literally withered away and shall start again from scratch.
    The before and after shot is a fantastic idea, and I shall certainly introduce this into my forth-coming production.
    The close up shots I personally found rather difficult, however lesson's can be learnt.

    Again; I appreciate your input



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