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Thread: From a Zoom Q3 ....... Then what?

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    Default From a Zoom Q3 ....... Then what?

    As you will probably know the Q3 ain't the best video device in the world. Its a specialist non HD device with the accent on good audio in pubs and small venues, and simple operation.

    My problem is that I don't know where to start looking for editing software to get it as far as You Tube. I probably want something like WMM but better quality.
    Obviously i want to;
    top and tail clips
    Join them together
    Render then into the best format (?).

    I also need to mix up the audio (at last something I know) because the Q3's compression is not as good as the H2 recorder I might also want to mix in sound directly from the mixing desk. That's ok provided I can export the video to soundforge or cubase. I'll need to put the audio back and sync it.

    I don't know if is unreasonable to want to clean up, lighten or add contrast to the video.
    Am I looking at a expensive software? Where can I find a study guide?

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    try Sony Platinum 10, its fairly cheap , easy to do and offers what you are looking for.

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    The Q3 records .mov file with audio as MP3. Does Sony defiantly work with that?

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    Now you mention MOV, yes and no, but more no I owuld say
    download the trail and try it out

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