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Thread: Problem while encoding AVCHD video with Sony Vegas

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    Default Problem while encoding AVCHD video with Sony Vegas

    I'd encountered a problem while I was trying to encode a 4:23 minutes long AVCHD clip with my Sony Vegas program.
    It goes like this: I imported that clip, dragged it into the timeline, cropped about 20 seconds of it, added a transition in the middle (the cropped part), rendered as Sony AVC - AVCHD 1920x1080 PAL template and saved.
    The size of the original clip is a 530 MB, and the size of the new encoded one is 480 MB which, so far, makes sense.
    The problem is when I try to play the NEW clip. The first couple of minutes runs smoothly, quite the same as in the original clip. So far so good, but after that (and actually, it's even a few seconds after the cropping-transition) - the clip begins to go glitchy and jumpy, and you just can't watch it normally.

    Does anyone have an idea why this problem occures? And even more important - how can I get it to be fixed?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Is it 'glitchy and jumpy' when played back in Sony Vegas?

    If so, you'll probably find that when you export the video it will be fine. The play back I experience is terrible while editing in Sony Vegas, but once it is exported it's absolutely fine. I put it down to my laptop not having enough power to cope with editing HD.

    Hope this helps?

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    No, the problem is that it's laggy/jumpy after rendering and exporting the video.
    While playing it in Vegas, the video seems to be just fine in the preview mode (no matter what quality).
    Pre-rendering the video didn't help, by the way.

    Any ideas?

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