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    Here's the new music video we shot for Junction 9 Records and their new artist 'Deja Fate'.

    We shot this and a second music video, which isn't released yet, in the same (very long) day in a nightclub in Mile End. We hired a very talented body painter to achieve the effects we were looking for - a circuit board / tribal design. Standard Arri's were used to light the artists whilst a massive UV light was used for the dancers. They looked like floating skeletons which was slightly disturbing. Completely shot on a Sony Z1 (no 35mm adaptor on this one!)

    The video is currently showing on Channel AKA and a few other music video channels.

    The label shot a very simple behind the scenes video with footage of me making a tit of myself. Feature footage of pre-production, rehearsals at Pineapple dance studio and the shoot itself:


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    A good idea, well executed Jim. I have to admit it's not my favourite video of yours but thats only because the music didn't help very much. I enjoyed the behind the scenes video but missed the bit where you were making a tit of your self.

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    It's at 0.49 - me attempting some kind of bizarre robot dance!

    Cheers for watching Midnight!
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    I thought that was one of the pro dancers.

    joking aside, what tripod legs where you using, I'm looking for a pair and liked the look of these.

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    Simple idea (coming up with a simple idea is the hard bit) well executed. I thought it suited the music well yet. Whilst I'm sure this technique must have been used before, I've not seen it and it would be nice to think if it became mainstream this could be one of "those" groundbreaking vids that we all remember (like the vid for Gabriel's "Sledgehammer")

    For once, I find myself a bit "hipper" than Midnight as I quite liked the track (and in the hook, with the double tracked vocals, the artist reminded me rather of Seal).

    I'm interested in how much of this was storyboarded. I'm sure if I'd had the idea, I'd picture the combination of shots I'd want in the final cut and just shoot the whole song a number of times from each viewpoint that will be required (ie several clean shots of the talent in close up, several in mid and several in wide and ditto the dancers) and then do the creative work in post. Not a particularly efficient way of working, but probably quicker than trying to shoot each shot to a script.

    One thing I found rather strange was that the body painting didn't really emphaise the sex of the dancers. In fact I thought all the dancers were male which I found a bit strange. Once I'd seen the "making of" and realised there were dancers of both sexes, I could see it in the video, but despite the clues she still looked rather androgenous. Was this intentional? If so, I think it was a bit of a mistake as the video missed out on an oppotuniy to look somewhat sexier.

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    Thanks for the responses gentlemen!

    Midnight - we used a Libec H55 tripod. A good tripod goes a long way.

    Tim - We never storyboard our video's and prefer a much more organic way of shooting. I will often have shots in my head that I want to achieve but there can be so many different changing factors when working in low budget music video territory that it is always good to try a few things out on the day as things often never go according to plan! We get our shot, shoot the song entirely then move onto our next setup. The artist himself is one of the most talented singers we have worked with (there are a few videos of him singing on youtube and he has a hell of a voice).

    Similar vid's have been made before so it isn't a wholly original idea (although none are popping into my head now but I sure I've seen it). Hopefully we put our own spin onto the idea.

    We did also put special gel in the hair of the female dancers, but it kind of went everywhere. That probably would have brought more emphasis on their sex as UV clothing would have as well. It wasn't intentional as a bit of sex always sells!

    The video was conceived, shot and edited (along side another video for him) in under 2 weeks which I'm pretty proud of!
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