I am using adobe premiere CS5

when i output the final project video, the video is not displayed in a way that fills up the whole screen

I am capturing video in premiere pro CS5
DV- NTSC standard 48kHz
frame size 720h x 480v (0.9091)

when i export the video to my hard drive AND when i burn it to a dvd, the full screen frame is not fully taken up. I have tried viewing it on HD and regular tube televisions with the same result. it is hard to explain, which is probably why i have not found a solution by searching on google.

I have attatched a screen shot in order to describe what I am talking about.


the video itself is in standard fullscreen rather than widescreen, but if you notice, the top and bottom edges of the video do not reach all the way to the top and bottom of the available screen.

does anyone know why this might be or what i can do to fix it? even if i have to recapture the video because i didnt capture in the correct settings.

also, please let me know if my question is not stated clear enough and i can try to provide more details.

thanks in advance!!