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Thread: .MTS File Problems??

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    Default .MTS File Problems??

    Hi guys,

    I have some footage shot on a Panasonic Full HD Cam, can't remember what it's called.
    The raw files are .MTS

    I'm working on a PC, and using Premiere for editing. I can't play the files in Media player, but they will open in Premiere and After Effects.
    The .mts video works fine, but when I import the files Premiere comes up with an error saying it cannot play the audio...

    So, I converted them to MPEG (I did this by renaming the .mts extension to .mpeg because when I put it through Media Encoder it wouldn't play audio), which enabled me to play both Video and Audio in Windows Media Player, but still Premiere cannot play the audio.
    I tried with Adobe Media Encoder to just extract the audio using mp3.

    Once I had the mp3 files, some would play in Premiere, AE and Media PLayer, some wouldn't. The ones that wouldn't play back the audio, just played back silence.

    Then a few minutes later, the mp3 files that did play, stopped playing in Premiere or Media PLayer, they are just a silent when i play through.

    All I need to do is extract the audio from my .MTS files, but I don't know how anymore...
    What should I do? Or what should I have done?


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    Hi Nat,

    Are you on a Mac? I had terrible trouble with .MTS files on my mac, but since switching to editing on my Sony Vaoi laptop, all the problems went away.

    If you need to use a Mac though, there is a peice of software you can download that will convert the .MTS files into something your Mac can work with. I forget the name, but when I get home tonight I'll take a look and re-post. The trouble is though, it's time consuming! I was finding that I plugged my SDHC card into the Mac to downloaad files. Then, those files had to be run through the software to make them MP4's, and then those MP4's were imported into iMovie.

    Since moving to PC based editing, I plug the card into the laptop and I can work with them immediately. Saved me hours of waiitng!

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    Thanks for your reply Mike,
    I've got both Mac and Windows available to work on, but I cannot install any software on either as I'm working in an Online Edit Suite that isn't mine.
    Unfortunately, the Mac or any programs on it won't recognize the .MTS files, and Windows will play the files, but no audio will convert or work in Adobe software, which is all I have available.
    Thanks for the suggestions though

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    *.mts is a filename extension used for AVCHD, a high-definition recording format designed by Sony and Panasonic that uses H.264 (conforming to H.264 while adding additional application-specific features and constraints) codec. H.264 encoded MTS video is highly compressed, good for transporting, but poor for editing. By the way, in order to play MTS videos on PC smoothly, your processor must be very powerful. In a word, if you want to make a short film from MTS footage with Adobe After Effects and prefer fluent playback, you'd better convert it to MPEG via some third party program first, like Brorsoft MTS Converter.

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    I was a bit surprised to see an almost four-year-old thread resurrected and even more when I saw that the support center of the recommended s/w has an Emma as well

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