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Thread: Pixelation in media files when used in Vegas Movie Studio 10 Platinum

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    Default Pixelation in media files when used in Vegas Movie Studio 10 Platinum

    I am new to Vegas but have used Pinnacle Studio on an infrequent basis for many years. I am not new to video editing but have only played around at the edges of what can be done

    I have produced my first DVD from 3 media files taken from a video camera but am having one particular problem. All 3 mpg files have been transferred to my PC from the camera and all play perfectly in VLC media player. I have used these files in Vegas but when playing in either the preview or trimmer window there are 3 or 4 points where the picture pixelates for around a second. It is not random, it is at exactly the same point in the clip, but it is not there in the original mpg file. If the video is rendered and burnt to DVD it is still there.

    Any ideas on the cause and cure for this?

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    I'm having the same problem.
    Specifically the following

    Pixelled Footage - Imgur

    This normally happens when characters move, and around edges. Varies from barely noticeable to making the footage unusable.

    Using Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10

    Video details
    Frame Width 1280
    Frame Height 720
    Data Rate 2381kps
    Total Bitrate 2590kbps
    Frame Rate 23 frames/second

    The project size is also 1280x720x32 (whatever the 32 means)
    And although the preview is half of that, even at the best quality it pixels (the screencaps were taken in best quality preview).

    It's kinda disheartening that this post is almost 3yrs old and hasn't gotten a single reply, but I'm freaking out because I got this stuff in the best quality I could to use it to make this video and its bugging out...

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    Pixilation is an effect when the Processor cannot keep up with the video movement. You could try to use Generated Media (ie Titles) which play for the same duration and these should be perfect, although you have the option to preview at different quality levels. For fast action it's best to accept a low-quality so you can check the cutting points/transition points, although the images will be indistinct. - The only "solution" is to uprate the PC - faster processor and more RAM always helps . .. but there are other things that can trip up the process - put the video-clips on an internal drive (pref SATA) and check up the Graphics card spec...this can be used to massively improve the Rendering Times. If you're buying a New PC then go for a minimum 4-cores, or even six-cores and if finance allows processor wih Hyperthreading which "multiplies" the effective cores.

    Now that DVD - I wonder if your media settings are correct..... in the UK expect 50i or 50p and maybe 25i or 25p

    The normal DVD quality is 720 x 576 x50 - but others here may be able to advise on that 32 - it doesn't look right to me.

    Is it really 3 yrs and the problem persists?

    Has OP joined the Sony Creative Forums?
    -Sometimes there can be clues there....

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