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    Hey guys... just want to thank everyone for all their feedback on my past videos ive posted on the forum.. We spent a bit more time with this video and tried to include things you guys suggested..

    I wish we could have had better lighting for the darker scenes.. but anywho..

    Let me know your thoughts.. cheers

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    good improvement from last video. you shots are already more interesting.
    there are a few strange background like in one there is a fishing tank or somthing. not too sure. but try to see it as someone who doesn't know the place when you film. if it isn't obvious where the location is try to get a wider shot (or don't use that place) Because people may get distracted trying to figure out what it is. but like I said it was only 1 or two shots. the rest were good.

    but yeah like you said lighting is definitaly the next step. it will add to your image SOOOOO much more. It is really hard however! I may say that but I am far from having great light in my videos. but you know a simple cheap work light does a decent job.
    in some shots you had a light behind even the sun. I get the effect you were going for, but for that to work you need to light your subject a lot more. here is just washed out the whole image.

    but yeah good job otherwise. you can always work a bit on post production by changing some colors and playing a bit with the contrast of the image.
    Keep going!

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    Yeah we have just ordered a Litepanels LP Pro LED light so we hope all future videos will have great lighting

    *Takes notes from your post*

    Glad you liked most of the video

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    LOL @ 0:16 the air freshener

    Nice Vid + I like the effects used and if your gunna make a vid agen start the track when the titles come on (and try a different font it looks to classical to me)
    I'd also suggest maybe a pan/crop effect to go with the beat


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    This is a much better video over all compared to Grinder. I can see you have given this much more thought and thus created a more interesting video. That doesn't mean I like the music though. Watch out for continuity errors like near the beginning there is someone in the car then there isn't then he's back etc. I liked the car park shots and the roof top shots. Keep improving.

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    off da hizzle, fo shizzle ! he he..

    cant really add anything that hasn't been said here.

    perhaps you could try pulling contrast levels to get a more balanced look. some of the shots look a bit in contrast.

    big improvement oin the last video .... keep it up

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    Thank you all for the feedback ... When you guys say contrast .. could you give me an example of what u mean? Not really 100% sure about that - The part where the guy is in the car.. then not i actually weirdly wanted that in there but see what you guys mean, no more of that then lol.

    Erm...Yeah i will be filming again soon so will be back with all your improvements included. Thank you all so much

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