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Thread: a good motherboard??

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    Default a good motherboard??

    hi guys,
    im trying to upgrade/build a good comp for video editing/special effects + some 3d rendering using these programs (adobe AE, Sony Vegas Pro, 3d MAX).

    first off , i was wondering what motherboard would be solid for me.i will be running windows 7 and i have a clarkdale core i5 650 atm but was planning on upgrading to an i7 sometime in the future. maybe doing a little overclocking as well. ihave 12gb of corsair ddr 3 ram so i think a dual channel 4 dimm slots shopuld be enough. and i also have a PNY gtx465 originally bought for gaming but i think will suffice for my little projects.

    so im looking for something thats will work with my i5. that will be compatible with ugrades to future components. i dont have too much money, i was looking for something in the $150-$200. if u guys have any ideas on what would be a good mobo or what changes i should make let me know thanx!!!
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