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Thread: How do I clean up the noise/grain in my videos?

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    Default How do I clean up the noise/grain in my videos?

    This is my first post on this site and sorry for being such a noobie if this is a dumb question. I am new to video editing.

    I have been googling all day yesterday to find answers on how to reduce noise/film grain in my video. It seems like every video I capturing has too much grain/noise. Is there a way to clean it up?

    I am capturing video games from my ezcap116 (I'm too cheap for more expensive ones. lol) with an s-video and editing it in sony vegas pro 9. I also have virtualdub if that helps.

    Can someone out there kind enough to help me out?

    Here is a video I uploaded to youtube:

    Now look at this guy. He uses the same stuff as me but how does he get his video like this:
    YouTube - yayomoveitgrooveit's Channel

    I tried to hit the guy up but he hasn't responded.

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    maybe you can try this out ......... red giant........ link below

    Red Giant Software: Magic Bullet Denoiser 1.0

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    Is there any free plugins I can use or something in vegas pro 9 to correct it?

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