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Thread: Sources for news clips etc....?

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    Default Sources for news clips etc....?

    I am wanting to make a music video for a friend with an anti-establishment style theme...I'd really like to include some footage from recent protests as well as snippets from politicians being interviewed....Does anyone know of any sites where you can access these sort of files for free?

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    You may need to give it a bit of a retro feel, but examples are here: News & Public Affairs : Free Movies : Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

    Note their statements on rights:

    Rick Prelinger and The Internet Archive hereby offer these public domain films from Prelinger Archives to all for free downloading and reuse.

    You are warmly encouraged to download, use and reproduce these films in whole or in part, in any medium or market throughout the world. You are also warmly encouraged to share, exchange, redistribute, transfer and copy these films, and especially encouraged to do so for free.

    Any derivative works that you produce using these films are yours to perform, publish, reproduce, sell, or distribute in any way you wish without any limitations.

    This statement of rights describes the rights granted to you so that you can use films from the online Prelinger collection at the Internet Archive.

    Your right to use these films is granted by the Creative Commons Public Domain license. For details on this license, please click the Creative Commons license logo below.

    Neither the Internet Archive nor Rick Prelinger can offer additional information regarding the rights to these films, or provide written license agreements. If you require a written license agreement or further information on the rights status of any Prelinger Collection titles, please see below.

    Please be aware that:
    -- the Creative Commons Public Domain license is the only license relating to films from the online Prelinger Collection;
    -- the Internet Archive "Terms of Use" do not apply to the online Prelinger Collection;
    -- the CC Public Domain license refers to the public domain status of the films, but not necessarily to every element that a film may contain;
    -- and that other films, videos, texts and audio files hosted at the Internet Archive are not necessarily covered by the same license that governs the online Prelinger Collection. Please research these items individually if you wish to reuse any of them.

    Descriptions, synopses, shotlists and other metadata provided by Prelinger Archives to this site are copyrighted jointly by Prelinger Archives and Getty Images. They may be quoted, excerpted or reproduced for educational, scholarly, nonprofit or archival purposes, but may not be reproduced for commercial purposes of any kind without permission.

    If you require a written license agreement or need access to stock footage in a physical format (such as videotape or a higher-quality digital file), please visit our Stock Footage page. Neither Rick Prelinger nor the Internet Archive furnish written license agreements, nor do they comment on the rights status of a given film above and beyond this Creative Commons license.

    Further information on works from Prelinger Archives can be found here. Questions should be directed to Rick Prelinger at Prelinger Archives, PO Box 590622, San Francisco, CA 94159-0622 USA.

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    There is blog called: Workers' Film and Video.
    Hope you get some help there.
    Otherwise check out eventim.
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